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hurry up and wait
March 25, 2011, 7:23 am
Filed under: Fighting Inertia, Fighting Injustice

Janna and I started the process to adopt through the state of Georgia 13 months ago.  It began slowly.  An application packet received, then a 16 hour intro class, then we stalled.  Life got in the way.  We already have 2 kids and a busy life.  We went on a marriage weekend retreat and one of our assignments was to take a walk together and discuss the future.  We decided to finish our application packet by Christmas 2010.  We did.  Then it took 3 1/2 months for our fingerprints to come back (yay govt budget cuts and red tape).  We finally got an email stating our file was complete and someone would call us to schedule a home visit.  That was over a week ago.  So we wait.  On one hand, we do have things to do.  We’re not sitting around waiting for a child.  We have 2 of those.  We have jobs.  On the other hand, we are waiting.  And it can be annoying.  The state (DFCS, Dept of Family/Children Services) has billboards all around saying “Foster or Adopt Today.”  Yep.  Maybe not today.  And now I hear my 2 year old saying “Dada!” from the bedroom and my 8 year old is awake.  THAT will not wait.  Gotta go.


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