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Who’s making the koolaid this week?
February 10, 2011, 5:45 pm
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Our friends moved to our neighborhood before we did.  When we helped them move in were were like, “we love your house and this neighborhood.”  Every week we would go to it, by it or through it and really like the feel of the neighborhood.  4 years ago we finally sold our house and moved.  We were a little wary at first because the market was so-so and we wondered if we were making a big mistake.  But we found a house in that neighborhood that we loved and it worked out.  We were a 2 minute or less (2 block) walk from their house and they had kids our kid’s age.  Nice.  A year ago, on the same day, good friends moved both 4 doors down from us and next door to aforementioned friends.  Now our neighborhood had 4 houses with our church friends within walking distance.  More kids, more borrowed eggs, more babysit-sharing, more of a lot of stuff.  We affectionately called it the “compound.”  Do we see each other every day?  No.  Almost.  Do we share lawnmowers?  Yes.  Do we respect boundaries?  Of course.  And now, our “house girl,” Melody (the college girl living with us) is getting married soon and they’ve already rented the house 3 doors down from us.  Sweet!  Now they can take turns making the communal koolaid.  And we’ll help watch their doggie, Zahra.  


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I’m so excited about Ed and Melody moving in! We need to have a compound welcoming party for them.

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