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October 20, 2010, 7:46 am
Filed under: Fighting Fear, Fighting Inertia, Fighting Injustice

Janna and I are almost finished with our required classes to adopt again (this time through the state of GA).  As of this week these are the kids available and legally ready to be adopted: Only 5 kids age 1-5 (All special needs).  19 boys age 6-11.  7 girls age 6-11.  53 boys age 12-18.  35 girls age 12-18.  I’m a former youth worker, middle school teacher, football coach, and have 2 kids myself…and it’s still a bit scary.  BUT…I’m trying to imagine being 6 or 12 or 17 years old…and in the “system.”  Maybe you’re called to help.  Maybe you’re called to help a family who is called.  I’m no hero, trust me.  Our journey into this began with our own biological dysfunction (not necessarily altruistic motives) and our first 2 children are healthy, bright and we got them at birth.  And even now…hero isn’t a word I would give myself.  Freely I have received…and I’m still pretty scared…and I have running water and don’t live in a communist country…and I have a beautiful, smart wife…and many, many great friends.  So here we go.  Here’s the website for lots of good information and a photolisting of available children.   My Turn Now


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It’ll all work out =)

Comment by Megan

can i just have all of them?? my heart is breaking. my prayer is for you and your child to find each other. 🙂
now, off to look for a 5 bedroom house!!!

Comment by kimberly reed

Thanks Auntie Megan and Kimi! And yes, a 5 bedroom house would be wonderful. With room in the back for a dog or 2.

Comment by kentmoore

My husband and I faced one of the toughest decisions of our lives three years ago when my oldest came home from school and told us one of her friends from school was about to be placed into a group home. She was thirteen, had lost her mother to breast cancer a few years prior, had an absent(at best) father, and had been basically abandoned by family members. We just KNEW she was supposed to be with us. It was this deep down, heart-felt divine guidance that spoke to all of us as a family. Were we terrified? Sure!! Were we concerned about how it would rock our little family boat? Of course! Were we counseled against it by others who were concerned? Yep… BUT…We just knew that it had to be done.
She has excelled and flourished in ways no one ever expected. She has gone from C’s and D’s in school to her very first straight A report card last week. She is attending a special college nursing course for high school students, a starter on the varsity soccer team, and a joy to all her teachers!
I am not saying it has been easy. These kids have seen the worst humanity has to offer, but a large majority of them only need a loving, stable, safe environment in which to flourish. They need parents whom are present and care enough to push, prod, and direct them onto the proper course for adulthood. It can be a struggle. It can take great sacrifice..But, everything you give out; every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears; gets returned in such amazing, rewarding, confirming measures that it becomes a questions of just who is helping whom. She has brought so much into our lives and I am thankful everyday to God for blessing our family with her addition.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife throughout this process. We aren’t always led down life’s easiest paths but we are given a really good set of directions and all the tools we need to get to the proper place.

Comment by Angela Chavez

Wow, Angie. Thanks for sharing that story.

Comment by kentmoore

I’m with Kim.. wish I could take them all. Esp the special needs ones. Got a soft spot there.

Comment by Megan

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