Planting Seeds and Throwing Rocks

super-size this
October 3, 2010, 10:30 pm
Filed under: Fighting Fear

For the past few years almost everything I have heard from anyone I trust – those older than me, wiser, good people – seems to point to doing and loving and relishing small things.  I hear/read the words of Jesus talk about things like cups of cold water, mustard seeds, or one lost coin/sheep/son.  I see magic when one person tells me something ordinary yet so powerful…like they gave away a used car instead of trying to sell or trade.  And yet…still…all the time…I want something big.  I wonder why “it” hasn’t happened.  I don’t understand why “more” isn’t going on.  Maybe I’m American where everything has to be big.  Maybe I’m just insecure.  Maybe I’m jealous.  Maybe I might even be a little justified.  While I’m working this out…I will continue to celebrate the “small” things…you know…like the ex-gambler-friend who is giving his time freely to love others and help me…or the ex-heroine addict who loves his wife and kids better than me sometimes…or the single mom whose kids hug me.  Crap…now I’m gettin’ all mushy while I’m trying to watch football. 


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followup comment: small things require patience, hard work, a thick skin, more love than you think, and a willingness to make it not about you

Comment by kentmoore

Do you know how huge it was that you have an open door on your home? Couldn’t have done without it. That’s why I have open house now…thank you.

Comment by Amy

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