Planting Seeds and Throwing Rocks

rev it up
September 30, 2010, 8:49 am
Filed under: Fighting Fear, Fighting Inertia

When a motorcycle is about the crash (the “death wobble”) the worst thing you can do is slow down.  You’re more likely to crash.  Give it some gas and, barring a brick wall or unseen obstacle, it will straighten right up.  Seth Godin, in his book The Dip, talks about this.  When times get tough you have 2 choices – quit or rev it up.  Quitting is often fine – you’re at the decision point and realize the effort to make it work isn’t in you or in your skill set.  Maybe the best thing to do, really, is to quit.  BUT…if it is worth it and if it’s what you must do…rev it up.  Give it some gas.  Spend the money.  Stay up a little later.  Dig deep.  Have faith.  Do it.


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