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Are you there, God?
June 14, 2010, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Fighting Fear

There are many people who believe in God, and maybe even consider themselves to be a “Christian”, and yet doubt one or more of the following:

Does God love me?

Does God like me?

Is God listening?

Does God care what is happening to me?

These are huge questions and ones not to brush off.  They come from real pain or loss or confusion.

These are questions that do NOT want pat answers from a Jesus-bumper-sticker.

The book of Job is all about these questions.  If someone you know is dealing with any or all of the above the best, BEST thing you can do is be with them.  DO NOT come with pre-packaged answers which basically sound like you just want it to be over for your friend so you don’t have to deal with it.  Answers like “well, just trust God” or “He knows best” or “let go and let God” come across like lemon juice on a cut to someone in pain.  Basically, shut up and just be their friend.  Bring food or a cake and watch bad tv with them.  Or kidnap them and take them to a movie or a ball game. They know you love them and a time for discussion may come later.

If YOU are the person dealing with doubt or pain AND you believe in God – try to be honest with yourself.  Is the absent, hateful, or negligent God you’re feeling or imagining in line with the Bible OR even common sense?  Again, assuming you believe in someone or something that has the ability to create and maintain life – try to trust that the negative images you’re sensing are coming from evil sources – bad fathers, abusive authorities, impish power holders…not from a God who does see you and loves you and … likes you.

I hope this helps anyone.  I’ve been there myself on both sides.


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