Planting Seeds and Throwing Rocks

video games
May 25, 2010, 10:33 am
Filed under: Fighting Boredom, Fighting Noise

I just had a conversation about video games and “kids these days.”  Like most things, video games in moderation are just fine – amusement, something to relax, etc.  Of course, moderation is a loose term and what one might call moderation others might call addiction.  This friend confessed that a friend of his was so game-focused that all conversations were laced with fantasy – parties at HIS HOUSE often led to video games – in his room – alone.  Many doctors are labeling game addiction with mental disorders.  Why?  Because they can literally rewire your brain.  Reality gets distorted.

So…am I saying video games are evil?  I think I clarified they are not.  Neither is chocolate or TV or steak.  But too much of anything is a bad thing…but steak won’t rewire your brain.

So…throw the kids out of the house and tell them to play with dirt, the water hose, bicycles, and kickballs.  Messes can be cleaned up.  Brains are hard to rewire.  Enjoy life, the earth, and people.


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