Planting Seeds and Throwing Rocks

video games
May 25, 2010, 10:33 am
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I just had a conversation about video games and “kids these days.”  Like most things, video games in moderation are just fine – amusement, something to relax, etc.  Of course, moderation is a loose term and what one might call moderation others might call addiction.  This friend confessed that a friend of his was so game-focused that all conversations were laced with fantasy – parties at HIS HOUSE often led to video games – in his room – alone.  Many doctors are labeling game addiction with mental disorders.  Why?  Because they can literally rewire your brain.  Reality gets distorted.

So…am I saying video games are evil?  I think I clarified they are not.  Neither is chocolate or TV or steak.  But too much of anything is a bad thing…but steak won’t rewire your brain.

So…throw the kids out of the house and tell them to play with dirt, the water hose, bicycles, and kickballs.  Messes can be cleaned up.  Brains are hard to rewire.  Enjoy life, the earth, and people.


making choices
May 24, 2010, 10:53 am
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Your brain is only capable of making a certain amount of choices or exerting a certain amount of willpower.  You might have more or less than someone else…but it’s still limited.  Every choice you make during the day decreases your ability for willpower.  That’s why so many of us opt for fast food at the end of a mentally draining day.  It’s fast, smells good – we haven’t prepped anything at home (probably), and we just don’t have the willpower to say “no.”  When I was growing up there were NO fast food places between school or church and home.  Therefore I didn’t have to say “no” – it actually took a decision and planning to go out to eat.  Now, there are dozens of places on my normal driving routes that I have to say “no” to if I want to eat healthy and save money.  BUT

If you make some choices ahead of time:  what you’ll wear in the morning, where you’ll have lunch and what you’ll eat, and you’ve prepped a bit for them (gym bag is packed, leftovers are packed for lunch, appointments are made) – you’re more likely to go ahead and do those things AND still have some brain power left over to make good choices in the evenings.

love of money
May 16, 2010, 3:58 pm
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Can giving away money change things?  Getting a lot sure can – I’ve seen it change relationships.  I’ve seen sudden windfalls of money change people.  Or did it?  Or did it just give an opportunity for their true self to show up?  Some people find it a healthy idea to regularly give away a portion of their income – for various reasons.  It’s like priming a pump, sometimes you have to pour something in to get it to work.  Or is it like that at all?  Because that sounds like some type of magic charm or voo doo – If I do _____ then _____ has to happen.  Maybe it’s just a really, really good thing to be content with what you have and then expend some time, money and energy helping others who have less than they need.