Planting Seeds and Throwing Rocks

small steps of defiance…monk-style
April 14, 2010, 9:48 pm
Filed under: Fighting Fear, Fighting Noise

quote from Chris Hedges (from an article @

“We will have to grasp, as the medieval monks did, that we cannot alter the larger culture around us, at least in the short term, but we may be able to retain the moral codes and culture for generations beyond ours. Resistance will be reduced to small, often imperceptible acts of defiance, as those who retained their integrity discovered in the long night of 20th-century fascism and communism.”

What should you retain (what is worth keeping) from your present life?

Are you prepared for long-term, small acts of defiance?

It’s easier and more fun when done with friends.


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where do you even start?! it’s easy to turn a blind eye to injustice and those sites/sounds/acts that are outside of our moral comfort zones and our physical reach. where do you start to make those small acts of change and defiance? i want that handbook.

Comment by kimberly reed

i’m glad you’re posting on here again.

Comment by stephen

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